Mini zine launches


Hi there, how are you all doing? Weird times we’re all facing, aren’t they?

Everyone is dealing with this in their own way and those ways may even change over time. For me, right now, I really needed a project that I only did at weekends, something to pass the time. Also my flat is now my office, a yoga space, a photography and video studio etc.. so I needed an excuse to pack things away on Friday night…and not just to turn it into a tiny pub (although I have basically done that too!). My solution was to make what I’ve been dreaming of making for so long now: I made a zine.

I’ve gone with the mini format at the moment  – you can see the whole issue on my illustration instagram page but I’ve also scanned it and made it a pdf should you want to print it at home:


If you do print it, please fold it into the 8 pages, then fold it in half along the long side and cut through the middle (hopefully the pictures will help!) I’ll do a video and pin it to my instagram account  @miriamniceillustration 

I hope you enjoy this little bit of silliness. I’m aiming to do one of these a week and I’ll post the issues ready for download on a new page here so keep a look out. I may take a break some weekends and just sit on the sofa eating ice cream, we shall see.

Sending good vibes and best wishes to you all.

Miriam x


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