Desk of the week!

In the bag

I did lots of little excited dances when I was asked to feature on Kindred HQ’s desk of the week yesterday! Such a lovely site and I am over the moon! Click here to see the whole interview

So incase you were wondering what all the little bits and bobs which I surround myself with are….

1. Trusty Laptop

2. Toast with avocado, spinach and poached egg for lunch! Blend half an avocado with a handful of spinach and some lemon juice for a superfood spread.

3. Please do not expect me to string together a sentence before I’ve had a double espresso

4. In a vague attempt to get my things in some kind of order I have gone mad on ebay buying up vintage biscuit tins! Seemed logical.

5. Photos of lovely people

6. Flyer for my end of year exhibition from my degree at Norwich School of Art & Design. This holds lovely memories, and it’s also a useful reminder of the year of my graduation for when I am filling out forms.

7. Tiny wooden cat from my brother when he lived in Japan

8. I love this clutch purse and although it is almost ruined by cocktail stains I can’t seem to part with it.

9. Rusty pie tins for more storage – not one of my better ideas.

10. Old graze platter boxes are super for cards and envelopes though.

11. Recipe cards from Abel & Cole – their veg boxes are super!

12. My lovely yellow satchel 🙂

Ahem…and here’s all the rest of the stuff I cleared off the desk onto the floor to take the picture! Sshhhh 😉

3 thoughts on “Desk of the week!

  1. Haha – love the mess on the floor

    Every month or so I tidy up my desk at work and feel so good for it

    Then… very gradually… the print-out piles up, the scrappy notes sneak in, ripped out newspaper articles, paperclips, a couple of coffee cups… and BOOM! It’s a complete state again… argh!

    – B

    1. Aw thanks, glad you liked it and I am extremely pleased to know I’m not the only one who lets things pile up!
      …in fact I have a horrible feeling that I have at least one very important looking form in that heap of things which probably should have been completed in February :-/

      1. I have those same guilty feelings!

        If only I could find the ‘to do’ list I made… x

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