In my bag this week….

In the bag

What does the snazzy London-based freelance food-writer carry around?

…no idea, but here’s what’s in my bag this week:

1. The end of the affair by Graham Greene. I love Graham Greene and I am enjoying this book very much. When I’ve finished it I might even book myself a table at Rules restaurant – it features heavily at the beginning of the book and is apparently one of London’s oldest restaurants

2. Graze boxes. These mail order snacks are super yummy and come in convenient little boxes to scoff anywhere. Great excuse to eat dried fruit, nuts and seeds;

3. These are my new sunglassess…what do you think? Cool? or used car sales?

4. So I’ve heard cold-pressed rapeseed oil is even healthier than olive oil…and because there’s a load of UK producers now that’s a couple less air-miles which I can spend on coffee and chocolate! This little bottle is from Culisse and I was given it by the Culisse people themselves at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair last year. This brand is nice, so is Borderfields.

5. TEA! This week my favourite teas are…Teapigs peppermint, Twinings Morning Detox and Pukka Night Time.

6. Oyster card in my Doctor Who Experience card holder. Brilliant. I also have the lanyard, T-shirt and Poster. I am cool.

7. This purse was £2 from Oxfam in Nottingham, I think it looks like it should belong to Mary Poppins

8. Chapstick, classic

9. Mini grater – I’ve used this for lemon zest, chocolate, nutmeg, garlic and even as a mini strainer, so useful.

10. It’s Easter and there are chocolate mini eggs everywhere! To stop me reaching for the sweet stuff I reckon that if I put a couple of these little chicks on my dinner I can pretend anything is an Easter treat, even salad! Might work 🙂

11. Lemons. Matches my bag and a zingy seasoning alternative to salt

12. AVOCADOS! I love these. My favourite breakfast right now is sourdough toast spread with avocado, topped with a poached egg and a little freshly ground black pepper – ace!



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