Dry January – week 2


It’s getting serious now – we’re on week 2, gang. How’s it going with you? For me, I still haven’t really got back into socialising yet since all those lockdowns. Popped round to a mate’s for coffee this week but it’s the first time I’ve done anything like that in a couple of months, and I’ll easily spend two or even three days not leaving the house. I’m confessing my hermit status because perhaps that is what is making Dry January so very much easier than I thought it would be. I’m not going to the pub, so it’s a doddle and, dare I say it, kinda fun.

The confessions continue…

Right so the Christmas tree and decorations all came down and got put away or recycled accordingly before twelfth night, but this Christmassy can- Lervig’s No Worries – Driving Home From Christmas slid into the week after, shock horror! Also, it’s O.5%! So not totally booze-free!! Lol, course it is, half a percent is less than what’s in bread so I think we’re groovy. This beer was just what I needed on a particularly cold evening after a moderately rubbishy day. It’s a super dark beer, if you like stouts and porters grab a can while you can. Hint of festive spice and lovely bit of bitterness. Beaut.

Faux gin of the week

I was lucky enough to be sent a mini bottle of Adrift from Pentire. At £26.80 for the full 700ml it isn’t the cheapest, but if you have a hankering for a g&t this is a great alternative. Sage is the dominant flavour here and it holds up well to tonic even at a 25ml serve. I find I’m quite happy with a 25-35ml serve of a these non-alcohol spirits funnily enough, rather than 50ml. I’m really enjoying winding down of an evening with a glass of something quite subtle, very cold and that I’ve taken a bit of time to prepare…and strangely not missing it being boozy.

Lyre’s love

If you haven’t already come across Lyres I can highly recommend looking them up. My particular favourites of their’s are the Italian Spirit (fantastic sub for Campari or Aperol, both in alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions) and their Classico (pictured above) which is a delicious alcohol free sparkling wine. Made with grape juice it’s pretty passable and they’re now selling it in fizz bottles as well as cans. I still like my sparkling apple juice in a coupe with a twist, but for times when a little more celebration is needed this really does the trick.

After dinner sipper

Richard was teaching me how to play Quacks of Quedlinburg this week and while I was trying to get my head around it (it’s very complex) I fancied having something sort and sip-able. I’d also been sent a bottle of High Point’s Ruby Aperitif, and initially wasn’t quite sure what I thought of it, but the more I try it the more I’m interested. Serving it short was very enjoyable (it’s also very complex), it’s sweet, but not sticky and finishes dry in that kind of mouth-puckering cranberry juice way. It’s got a lot of blackcurrant notes too and there is a slight vinegary burn to it but that’s quite pleasant, and contributes to its intensity.

The following evening I tried serving it in a quick cocktail – 30ml highpoint ruby aperitif, 30ml of my mock rosé shrub cordial from last week and topped up with tonic water, over ice. This was sooo good that I didn’t get the glass to the fire surround before I drank most of it. I think the highpoint benefits from a bit of extra sweetness from the tonic, and it blends so well with other flavours. Very keen to experiment with it more as the weekend kicks in.

Full disclosure – I do get sent a fair bit of these drinks for free, which does make it easier for me to try things out, but I understand that you might wonder if it affects my choices. I am recommending things that I truly like, and would buy for others or myself, ain’t no rubbish on this blog 😊

WEEK 2: The results.

Mood and health again feel kind of the same, I am getting back into yoga, and generally speaking being a bit more active, sleep is good and snacking is less – although these could all be January related rather than the lack of booze; this is a very unscientific study.

How are you doing?

How have you found week 2? What have been your favourites? Have you taken down your Christmas decorations yet? Do you know how to play Quacks of Quedlinburg?

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