Foodie Penpals pt.2

Foodie Penpals

This month I got a parcel of food related goodies from the marvellous Meg of .

As with last months parcel, some of it went immediately, in this case the Hello Sailor chocolate bar. Some good chums of mine are in a band called Hello Sailor, they’re an all girl, ukelele & vocal group, they wear sailor hats and are fantastic fun! Check them out:

Anyway, what else did I get…oh yes, now these tulip papers are wonderful, I’ve attempted to make these quite a few times, usually out of necessity when I’m out of muffin cases. I start by cutting a square of grease proof paper, lay it over the muffin tin hole and then slam a jam jar or pint glass in to form the creases. Sounds like it works really well…sort of does..sort of doesn’t. Conclusion, proper tulip papers look really good.

The hibiscus tea is lovely, Meg suggested that I use it in cocktails so I whipped these up to drink whilst watching Eurovision Song Contest the other week…yep, I’m that cool!

Take 2 bags of hibiscus tea, and pop them in a heatproof jug full of 400ml of boiling water. Add 1 lime which has been sliced and leave to stand until pink. Remove the tea bags and leave to cool. Pour into a bigger jug or carafe and add ice, 4 shots of white rum, the juice of another lime and 1 shot of pomegranate syrup. Put some pomegranate seeds into martini glasses and pour in the cocktail, serve! “Douze points!”

Meg also sent some of this lovely popcorn, check it out once popped!

And finally some dried chillies. I still have the pickling spice from last months parcel so I think a serious pickling/chutney making session is getting very over due! I will keep you posted!

If you’re wondering what I sent out last month have a little wander over to Annika’s lovely blog

If you would also like to be a foodie penpal then what the hell are you waiting for:



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