Blog Birthday!

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This blog is now a whole year old, so I decided to have a dinner party to celebrate and say thank you to some of the people who encouraged me to keep it going.

The menu is comprised only from recipes which have featured in my blog through the year.

First Course

Orange, banana and passionfruit smoothie from Sundays & Smoothies 25th March 2012



Second Course

Flatbreads and Guacamole from Faster Flatbread! 28th June 2012

Red Pepper Pesto from Pre-Payday Pepper Pesto 19th July 2012




Third Course

Seared Beef Salad from Capers on a Train 17th of August 2012



Fourth Course

Bulghur Wheat Risotto from Sugar-Free 24th of March 2012

Mojitos & Grilled Pineapple from Adventures in Canapés 28th September 2012


Grilled Pineapple


Fifth Course

Walnut Shortbread with Greek Yoghurt & Poached Apricots from Total London 13th July 2012

Ta dah!


Sixth Course

Coffee and slices of Twelfth Night bars from Twelfth Night 8th February 2013

twelfth night bars

3 thoughts on “Blog Birthday!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Did cringe a few times looking over old posts and was worried they’d be expecting more hot food but all seemed to go down well. Do you do anything to celebrate yours?

      P.S I tried your suggestion re: herbal teas – if you sweeten the tea with a little honey (I didn’t have liquorice, I used the Pukka “Morning Time” one which is rooibis based) a few cracked cardamom pods, pinch of cinnamon, then add some fresh sliced pear to warm through in the tea – makes a really nice mock-poached-pear dish on the go! x

      1. Our blog birthday happened in the middle of December so we ran out of time to celebrate! Maybe this year if it’s less hectic….cardamom and pear tea to go sounds inspired! I’ll certainly give it a try!

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