Visit to the Laundry Yard


Visits to Hampshire are always food centred, with such wonderful produce everywhere how could they not be?

Last weekend Richard and I headed over to spend time with my brother Jon & my sister-in-law Em. It all began with a trip to The Vyne where they were holding an autumnal festival in their walled gardens.

There was plenty of opportunity to sample local apple varieties, eat a pile of fresh Hampshire fudge and watch Em’s mum’s bees in action.

Next stop, perry making with Jon using up some windfall pears and a few cheeky apples.

It was all hands on deck to get all the fruit scrubbed cored and juiced.

I was slightly disappointed that we can’t drink it for another few months but that was quickly solved with a generous glass (or three) of Jon’s alcoholic ginger beer! Once the perry was done it was off into Em’s studio to learn how to make a cobnut quilt.
Tipsy is perhaps not the best state to be in when quilting but you do worry less about the neatness of your stitches!


Em is the co-founder of the Laundry Yard website, I highly recommend that you stop by, you can find out how to make the cobnut quilt too (sober or otherwise) and they have also asked me to review a cook book for them every month, as I have one or two…


Join in with the Laundry Yard fun on Facebook and Twitter too

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